Easy Orchids is Australia's largest wholesaler of potted cymbidium orchids. 

Cymbidiums are easy-to-grow orchids which will flower for up to 12 weeks, and, with basic care, will re-flower each year. Cymbidiums offer the perfect mix of the exotic and the low-maintenance. 

Our orchids are sold as potted flowering plants and are freighted throughout most of Australia and beyond. Plants are placed in protective plastic sleeves and dispatched in boxes of seven (minimum order is 21 plants). Orders to most locations in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria will be received in 1-3 working days.


We have more than 125,000 plants, in over 100 cultivars. The main colours are pink, burgundy, white, green, yellow, orange and brown, and plants come in a variety of sizes. 

We supply orchids to many of the larger nurseries around Australia, and have a range of plants to cater to all customers, from luxury boutique florists to big-box warehouse stores. 

To discuss placing an order, or to find out more about what Easy Orchids can offer, give Glenn a call on (08) 8284 7174, or drop him an email on glenn@easyorchids.com.au